Daniel Grahn Computer Scientist

…Works on these projects.

A List of Extraordinary Words

As you may or may not know, I am a logophile. In order to remind myself of the words which I most love, I've created a dymanic web list for me to update.


One of the greatest frustrations students have is determining their grade in a current course. My senior design team worked to create a digital, collaborative gradebook. Want to learn more?

BOIDS Simulator in WebGL with BabylonJS

BOIDS is a flocking algorithm using swarm logic. This is a simulation, including predators, built in WebGL using BabylonJS. (Requires Chrome).

Timelinr: Wikipedia Pages to Timelines

One day it struck me that creating a timeline was artificially difficult. Wikipedia contains all the dates, all you have to do is parse!

2 Way Set Associative Cache Simulator

It can be hard to visualize how caches work! This is a FIFO simulation of how a 2-Way Set Associative Cache Simulator Works. Try it out!

Binary Multiplication using Booth's Algorithm

I wrote this application to help me understand Booth's Algorithm in my computer architecture class. Having trouble learning Booth's yourself?

Jacobson/Karels Algorithm for Networks

This is a JavaScript implementation of Jacbon/Karels algorithm to compute network values based on round trip time. Try it out!

Block Decomposition by Michael Quinn

A JavaScript comparison of the two block decomposition algorithms proposed by Michael Quinn in Parallel Programming.

…Has this experience

Northrop Grumman

  • Independently determining task requirements.
  • Working individually and as a member of a team.
  • Transitioning between projects and requirements.

Air Force Institute of Technology

  • Developing advanced simulation applications for international deployment.
  • Extensive validation and verification.
  • Rewrite of existing code base.

Cedarville University HEV Team

  • Leading team of ~35 spanning multiple disciplines.
  • Various administrative tasks.
  • Developing software for remote realtime vehicle diagnostics.

Escape Plan Design

  • Developing CMS based websites.
  • Designing websites, promotional materials, and brands.
  • Managing business transactions.

Cedarville University

  • Designing and developing a database driven mobile application.
  • Working with Android and iOS.
  • Using cross-platform frameworks.

APEX Community Church

  • Teaching large and small group lessons on a regular basis.
  • Leading groups in various activities.
  • Building long-term relationships.

…Got this book learnin'.

University of Cincinnati

  • Master of Science Computer Science
  • GPA: 4.0
  • Currently pursuing degree.

Cedarville University

  • Bachelor of Science Computer Science
  • GPA: 3.3
  • Minor in Bible